Is he coming or not? Part 1....the tale of amiina and the president of Iceland.

We (Maggi and Edda) are currently sitting in a aeroplane on our way back home from Frankfurt where we played a beautiful show last night for a wonderful audience at the Mousonturm. Absolutely beautiful! We even managed to add a new song to the set, a brand new song......but it was a very weird night though. First af all we got a visit from the Frankfurt bombsquad who looked for bombs in the building but found none. Then we got a visit from the Frankfurt police (or Polizei like they call them in Germany) who were there to secure the place while we were playing. And we also got a visit from the Frankfurt Special Forces who were placed on roofs all around the venue with snipers and everything! And ALL this security because of Icelands president who was supposed to come to the show but never came. He was on his way, then he was not on his way, then he was on his way, then he decided not to come. We think he is suffering from mild confusion disorder or something (noooo...just joking!). But the foreign minister showed up. That was nice of him. Anyway...this was just really funny. All that security because of a man we see in the supermarket on occasion. Probably just protocol. That´s just how it goes...

Like we said before (Maggi and Edda...we can´t really tell you how the others feel; we are not psychic or anything...) we had a wonderful time playing last night. The crowd was very welcoming and up for a laugh . Which is nice! Thank for being wonderful.

And also we very much like playing these days because finally Sólrún has joined us again after her break. That´s "top nice", like they say in Denmark. And we are also very happy because we managed to add a new song. So now we are going to go more often to the studio to write new material. But fist up is Airwaves!

Good times!

Love, Maggi and Edda