about amiina

by Francine Gorman

“Throughout their time together, the artists forming amiina have developed into distinctive musicians and renowned composers, through their close work with the likes of Sigur Rós, Efterklang, Spiritualized and Yann Tiersen, to name but a few. Their illustrious, if somewhat understated, career so far has turned this set of prolific and visionary creators into one of Iceland’s most revered collectives, one which both passionately yet effortlessly tread a line between the neo-classical and experimental contemporary genres, heading to wherever else they feel so compelled in the meantime. This project in particular seems to be one that has sparked the collective’s creative forces, as they revive the live show to interpret it in further settings, five years after its Paris premiere.

This live performance provides amiina with the space to let their sonic imaginations run wild, as iconic images from Juve Contre Fantômas, one of the most riveting films from the Fantômas series, flash across and behind them. The stage is a vision of inspired instrumentalists navigating their way through portentous rhythmic flickers and dense, driving melodies. Violin, cello, drums, percussion, metallophone, table harp, ukulele and electronics provide the foundation upon which this score fittingly sits, strings being used as much to create a charging pace as they are to translate melody, table harps injecting an eerie sense of uneasiness, as electronic basslines add ambience and depth to the compositions.

Fantômas has proven to be a memorable addition to amiina’s rich and growing arsenal of albums and performance pieces, and a project which further cements their status as a visionary, innovative collective that need to be both seen and heard.”




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