From Reykjavík to Copenhagen to Berlin to Krakow to Warsaw to London to Reykjavík (in 5 days)

Hey everyone We just got back from a very adventurous trip to Krakow, via Berlin. We spent around 23 hours at the airport or in the plane over the period of 5. days, which is kind of weird. Well, not all of us. Edda lost her passport at one of the airports or in one of the airplanes on the way so she had to take the train from Berlin to Krakow, which means 10 hours of sitting, reading and enjoying the beautiful surroundings on the way...

Anyhow! Berlin was great as always. We played an awesome show at the Berlin Festival. And we met some friends of ours who were kind enough to let us sleep at their place for one night and gave us good food and good wine...thanks to Freyja and Guðný for having us! And we saw Macaulay Culkin at the festival. He was really drunk. So drunk, in fact, that our friends Guðný and Freyja had to carry him down some stairs somewhere (we didn´t see it happen...).

After a cozy friday night in Berlin we headed straight over to Krakow to take part in the so called "Árshátíð" held by our friends in Múm. "Árshátíð" actually means "annual celebration" in Icelandic, but it was a concert held by Múm in Krakow. And it was held in a HUGE steelfactory. Seriously, it was HUGE!

 Anyways. We joined Múm on stage in one song called "Marmalade Fires", which was good fun! (Exept for Maggi; he joined the Múm-gang for a few more songs...). But the whole concert actually featured a few more of our friends, including Mugison, Sindri from Seabear and Jóhann Jóhansson, just to name a few. The whole show was just wonderful! Many thanks to everyone who took part in this production. To wrap things up, FM Belfast played in the afterparty. As you can imagine, the afterparty was crazy fun!

Well...all in all the trip was great. Good music, good friends and a whole lot of airplanes!

Until next time, over and out!

Love from Maggi and Edda