Some signed copies in our webshop!

Hello! First we wanted to thank you all for the great response we've had to the pre-sale of the Lighthouse Project :)

Secondly, as the 50 copies of signed special edition sold out in a couple of hours (to our great surprise) we decided to add some signed CD w/book and vinyl. There will only be 50 signed CDs and 20 vinyl. The signed copies will be available tomorrow from 2 PM Icelandic time !

Here's a pic of us gals signing away... P1110702


We are sooo lucky to know some amazing people in Cork, Ireland, that have set up this great collaborative project, named Gamiina.More precisely, Gamiina is a collaborative project produced by Cork Opera House, and it's basically going to work like this: the Cork Opera House will work with 6th class pupils from Cork Educate Together, UCC School of Music, UCC Gamelan Orchestra, ourselves and a host of facilitators in the city. The students from Cork Educate Together will be taken through the principals of the Gamelan Orchestra with the object of the project being their interpretation of our (amiina's) music through the Gamelan – hence the title for the event, as chosen by the students themselves – Gamiina. We will spend about 10 days in June to work with the children and compose some new compositions on the Gamelan. WE CAN'T WAIT! See more here!

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International Record Store Day!

Hi everyone!Tomorrow is International Record Store Day, and that's why we have a special offer on a very special little 7" vinyl release of ours. It features vocals of the late and great Lee Hazlewood. We are forever honored that before his passing Lee Hazelwood made this one final recording in collaboration with us. Hazelwood's part in all this is a spoken word piece by Wyndham Wallace.

Anyhow, the offer starts tonight at 9PM Icelandic time and is valid until Monday morning.

Happy Record Store Day!

more about the Lighthouse Project!

banner copy The details of the release are coming together now, so we thought we'd tell you a bit more about the project that will be released early June. About 4 years ago we set out on a journey across Iceland performing in lighthouses and other unusual locations. The music was written especially for performances in small spaces, and in great proximity to the audience. The inspiration behind the journey came the first time we performed in a lighthouse. A man in the audience described how he had experienced the music in those surroundings: Standing on the top floor of the lighthouse, he had felt the music travel up through the structure and out across the ocean, as if the lighthouse were now projecting music instead of light. We set off in a big van packed with instruments, accompanied by a photographer, one spouse, one newborn baby and another about to be born, and drove over rugged roads, seemingly to the end of the world, to perform music.

The songs were a mix of old and new, little nocturnes in simple arrangements. Among them was our cover of Lee Hazlewood's “Leather and Lace”. We had previously collaborated with Lee only weeks before him passing away, on a song that ended up being his last recording. On the flip side was our arrangement of “Leather and Lace”. The simple arrangement of the song fitted perfectly with the other songs and the spirit of the Lighthouse Project.

Late last year we decided to visit the Lighthouse Project again, to record these songs in their original arrangements, and give the music the prospect to travel out and across forever. We felt it was important to convey the intimacy of the original performances, so the songs were recorded “live” in the studio, as if at a concert.

The Lighthouse Project EP will be released on vinyl, and in a 22 page special edition CD/book. Also available will be signed copies with extra goodies included. Pre-sale announced soon!


1. Perth 2. Hilli (Lighthouse version) 3. Bíólagið 4. Leather and Lace 5. Kola (Lighthouse version) 6. N65°16,21 W13°34,49

The Lighthouse Project

Happy days!Copies of our Lighthouse project are being manufactured right at this moment, so it won't be too long until the album will be out. The release date will be announced soon! But while we wait we want to share with you some memories from our trip back in 2009, when the music was created and performed in lighthouses and other spaces around Iceland.

Here's the first clip we want to show you!


amiina-lighthouse1 from amiina on Vimeo.