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out on november 17TH


                      Kurr - 10th Anniversary Reissue

In 2007 amiina released their debut album Kurr and to celebrate its 10th anniversary they now release a remastered double vinyl of the original album. Included is a 12 page booklet featuring a selection of previously unreleased photographs and artwork that give insight into the time of making Kurr.

Available exclusively from Pledgemusic





released: November 2016 | type: album

Special Edition LP: worldwide: 51€ + postage

Signed LP: worldwide: 28€ + postage

LP: worldwide: 23€ + postage

Special Edition CD: (sold out)

Signed CD: (sold out)

CD: worldwide: 17€ + postage

special editions contain a signed copy of the album along with a beautiful 4 layer print and a playable 5" music postcard. Includes digital download on album release day. all 'fantômas' orders contain a digital download of the album

The Lighthouse Project

released: June 2013 | type: album

cd w/book: worldwide: $16.99 / uk: £10.99

+ p&p. includes immediate download of album and artwork.

digital: worldwide: $7.49 / uk: £4.99
includes immediate download of album and artwork.

vinyl: worldwide: $16.99 / uk: £10.99
+ p&p. includes immediate download of album and artwork.

Hilli (at the top of the world)

released: August 4th 2017 | type: single

collaboration with lee hazlewood, includes amiina cover of Leather and Lace on B-side

7"vinyl: worldwide: €4.99


released: September 2010 | type: album

cd: worldwide: $13.99 / uk only: £8.99 + p&p
vinyl: worldwide: $21 / uk only: £14 + p&p
digital: worldwide: $8.99 / uk only: £5.99

what are we waiting for?

released: September 2010 | type: single

A single featuring the track "What are we Waiting for?" from "Puzzle" as well as two b-sides; blauwber & nebula

digital: worldwide: $3.99 / uk only: £2.49


released: September 2007 | type: album

cd: worldwide: $10 / uk only: £7 + p&p
digital: buy on itunes


released: September 2004 | type: single

cd: worldwide: $8 / uk only: £5 + p&p
digital: worldwide: $3.99 / uk only: £2.49


released: September 2006 | type: single
cd: worldwide: $5 / uk only: £3.50 + p&p
digital: worldwide: $2.99 / uk only: £1.99

The Lighthouse Project – Postcards

Set of Six Lighthouse Project postcards

worldwide: $4.60 / uk: £2.99 + p&p

(by Sólrún Sumarliðadóttir)

released: November 2013 | type: album

Skýjaflétta contains 11 instrumental tracks, composed for children and their adults. It is music to spend some quiet time playing or creating something, to dance to in the living room, or nap to… All tracks are performed by Sólrún and Magnús, members of amiina.

cd: world: $13.99 / uk: £8.99 + p&p




about amiina

Originally a string quartet formed by four girls (Edda Rún Ólafsdóttir, Hildur Ársælsdóttir, María Huld Markan Sigfúsdóttir and Sólrún Sumarliðadóttir) at the Reykjavík College of Music in the late 1990s, amiina went on to cut its teeth as Sigur Rós' string section for the next decade. Now a sextet after a recent masculine infusion, amiina will release its second full length album, Puzzle, in September 2010.

amiina's debut album, Kurr (2007), was performed on a disparate jumble of instruments – musical saws, kalimbas, music boxes and seemingly anything that could be plucked, bowed or beaten on – resulting in a work that ebbed and flowed “in a strange, powerful place between sophistication and innocence,” according to The Guardian.

While the above is equally true of Puzzle, this time around the group's sonic palette is broadened by the contributions of drummer Magnús Trygvason Eliassen and electronic artist Kippi Kaninus (Guðmundur Vignir Karlsson), permanent members of the group since 2009. Accordingly, the songs on Puzzle are more rhythmically rugged than amiina's previous work and feature heavier use of electronics. amiina's long-standing fondness for zero-g melodies and open-minded instrumentation, however, continues.